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Calvin Consulting provides the following
Regulatory Compliance Services:

Regulatory Permitting

Provincial regulations across Canada require that updates to registrations, licences and/or approvals be approved prior to any equipment or operational changes being made at any permitted industrial site.  New industrial facilities also may require permitting.  Calvin Consulting has extensive experience performing the required air quality dispersion modelling, preparing regulatory applications and guiding these applications successfully through the approval process. Our experienced staff are well-known and respected by the various regulatory agencies and are fully appraised of the regulatory requirements for all types of industrial facilities.


Environmental Reporting

Calvin Consulting is recognized as a leader in air quality,  emissions and wastewater reporting that is required by the various regulatory agencies in Canada.  Some of the reports we prepare for our clients include the following:

·  Air Quality Reports
·  Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) Reports
·  Dehydrator Benzene Inventory Reports
·  Greenhouse Gas Reports
·  National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) Reports
·  Specified Gas Emitters Reports
·  Wastewater Reports


Executive Consulting

Greenhouse gas and gaseous emissions in general have become a priority in recent years.  Calvin Consulting Principal Consultants have extensive boardroom experience assisting oil and gas executives in preparing applicable information for stakeholders and/or shareholder reporting.

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